Humboldt Park Junior Ranger Program

Have fun learning about and exploring Humboldt Park with the Junior Ranger program, presented by the Humboldt Park Friends. Earn a badge and become a junior steward of the park.

The Humboldt Park Junior Ranger Program is a self-guided program for children ages 5 and up and their families. It is designed to teach children about Humboldt Park’s history, wildlife, geography and celebrations. Requirements include completing an activity booklet and reciting the park pledge. Children who complete the program will be awarded a special badge to show off their stewardship.

How to become a Junior Park Ranger:

  1. Download and print the activity booklet for Junior Park Rangers:
    Junior Park Ranger activity booklet: Ages 5 – 7 
    Senior Park Ranger activity booklet: Ages 8 – 10 
  2. Explore the park and complete the required number of activities. Take as much time as you need to complete them. Family participation is encouraged! You should be able to complete the requirements within 3 to 4 visits to the park.
  3. Attend one of Humboldt Park Friends’ monthly community meetings [link to meeting schedule on website] or any event [link to events schedule] to turn in your signed packet and to take the Junior Park Ranger Pledge:
    As a Junior Park Ranger, I promise to explore our park, help keep it clean and help preserve and protect Humboldt Park so future generations can enjoy the park.
  4. Proudly wear the badge you’ve earned!
  5. Continue to be a steward of the park by participating in events and volunteering to ensure Humboldt Park continues to be enjoyed by all.


To continually improve this program, we welcome your questions and feedback:


Humboldt Park Rangers Patches