Attendance: Zeno France, Tim Richter, Mary Rust, Steve Blank, Supervisor Haas, Matt Mazur, Daniel Mangert, Tracy Alvarze, Harvey Goldstein, Myron Thomsen, Dave Stirmel, Jordan Meyers


  • General park & safety
  • Bathroom – FINISHED; came in a bit under budget!!!!!! Thanks to Tim who spearheaded the renovations on behalf of HPF; the contractors, Milwaukee County Parks & St Francis Brewery. Renovations included: new sinks, floor, mirrors, faucets, drainage system, wall tiles and lighting fixture remain the same – not sufficient money in the budget for HPD to include, partitions – now fully ADA complaint -, regarding the partitions – to meet the ADA complaisance as the County requested late in the review process, HPF solicited community support from our Face Book page to make up the difference between the budgeted amount and the additional cost for the partitions. Thank you community for your rapid support: raised $3000 – $2000 from the FB solicitation and a$1000 from Saint Francis Brewery.
  • Beer Garden, opening delayed by two weeks due to new roof; opening scheduled for May9th; hours will be Monday thru Friday 3pm to 9pm; Saturday & Sunday noon to 9pm. Contractors will start roofing on section impacted by the beer garden. Beer garden is licensed as a pub, meaning 50% of sales must come from food.
    1. Electrical capacity somewhat limits food offerings.
    2. The topic of electricity opened into a broader discussion on the park’s need for greater & diversified electrical needs.
    3. Members recommended that HPF take the issue of the park’s electricity on as a project.
      1. A committee be set up to review current electrical capacity; develop a wish list of electrical needs; work with County staff identify their issues & concerns & what is doable get approval ; prepare a cost estimate on update & installations; and raise funds.
  • Several reports of “tagging”/ graffiti in and around park; discussion on security camera – vs trail camera’ trail camera more practical and feasible – not permanent; security camera require WIFI and modem; Cliff and Andy immediately removed the graffiti – photos taken first to give to the police & sheriff departments as they catalog the graffiti as a means of tracking.
    1. Park Rangers – what do they do; response – patrol the parks; each ranger is assigned several parks to patrol & have the authority to issue tickets.
    2. Best deferent to vandalisms and tagging is the beer garden –
  • Baseball field used by County leagues that pay rent, needs attention – grading & lines; brought up several varied items regarding Parks responsibilities; HPF role with Parks – building a good cooperative relationship; Zeno remind the group that the Parks just invested $50k in pavilion and the pavilion is getting a new roof. HPF also received a $23,000 Amenities Grant from the County — remember there are many parks with needs and only so much money.
  • This discussion lead to broader discussion on finances; thought that the County ought to consider branding, naming rights, sponsorships to raise money; the beer gardens are great; their revues goes into the County General Fund.
  • Members recommended that HPF also ought to develop a broader development plan – identify revenue generators and sponsors.
  • Announcements

Chill on the Hill


Clean up a success

  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt – Better Best, received no on the day of event complaints nor postings on social media. Many thanks to our community volunteers as well as the panning committee members; there is now an event plan to follow for future egg hunts!
  • Planning for Upcoming Event
    1. Corn roast – 2nd Tuesday in August – will confirm with BVNA
    2. Bocce Fest – Saturday, August 13th; Tim & committee locked in 13 sponsorships; need to fill entertainment @$500; beer sponsor @$500; corporate courts @$300 & regular courts @$200.
    3. Need volunteers tasks to be posted on FB & website day of event training
    4. Reduced teams from 32 to 16; with online registration beginning on June 1, 2017
  • Other business
    1. Lagoon update – Jane reminded the members that HPF’s next long term project is the restoration of the lagoon. The project is both costly and time consuming and we are a small group. Many of the members serving on the Lagoon Committee also actively participate in the planning and running of HPF’s other events and programs – Egg hunt, corn roast, Bocce Fest, Tree Day and meetings with County Parks when needed.
      1. We requested data and information from the County Parks on the lagoon – needed to understand what was; will help the committee determine its future project planning.
      2. Matt suggested that HPF contact the City, i.e., Tony Zielinski, regarding Harp lights to be placed around the lagoon. Understand that the City has harp lights in surplus.
    2. Fundraising – HPF get items donated & sell on line; a member offered his collection of vintage LPs – old, but in excellent condition.


Mission Statement….Humboldt Park Friends is a non-profit organization focused on engaging the Bay View neighborhood and greater Milwaukee communities and fostering park stewardship through volunteering, preserving park history, improving park amenities and safety, and sponsoring events and programming for education and enjoyment of Humboldt Park.

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