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Humboldt Park Beer Garden Soft opening May 9 Grand opening on Thursday May 11

The season will open on May 9 with a grand opening on Thursday May 11.
The beer garden season will run from May 9th till September 30th.Each week on Friday the beer garden will feature a tap takeover by a different Wisconsin brewery. On May 12th the first tap takeover will be hosted by Lakefront brewery.
The beer garden is operated by Saint Francis Brewery in partnership with the Milwaukee County Parks.

Humboldt Park Holds First “Bloop”

Race Bloopers can run around Humboldt Park for 13.1 miles, 26.2 miles or more.

Bloop, a new Milwaukee race, will be held at Humboldt Park Saturday, April 29.

This is no mistake, though the dictionary defines bloop as a “mistake” or shortened version of blooper. Nor, we’re guessing, will the race feature a “short low-pitched noise emitted by an electronic device,” which is another definition of bloop (who knew?). There may, however, be lots of grunts, wheezing and huffing and puffing by runners.