Humboldt Park by Mike Spieth

Park Pavilion

The park pavilion, located just west of the lagoon, is designed in the style of a farmhouse. The main hall is 1650 square feet with a capacity for 120 people. It is available for rent all year. Additional information and reservation costs are available on the Milwaukee County Parks website.


Humboldt Park Beer Garden

Humboldt Park Beer Garden brings the traditional atmosphere and community of a German beer garden to Milwaukee’s vibrant Bay View neighborhood. Operated by St. Francis Brewery the Humboldt Park Beer Garden serves the brewery’s locally made beer and handcrafted Maple Root Beer. The beer garden focuses on creating a community and has recently expanded it’s menu to include rotating guest taps from other Wisconsin breweries and locally made food from Milwaukee Pizza Company, Babe’s Ice Cream and Milwaukee Pretzel Company.


Band Shell

One of the most popular spots in Humboldt Park is known to residents as the chalet or the band shell.

The band shell was the scene of live performances by the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra and the popular Music Under the Stars evening performance series. It now hosts the very popular Chill on the Hill concert series organized by the Bay View Neighborhood Association.

After the Humboldt Park band shell was destroyed by fire in 1976, a new chalet-style venue costing $2 million was built on the same site.


Humboldt Park Bandshell Concert

Baseball Field

Keltner Field offers a location for baseball leagues and spontaneous games. Reservations are required for baseball leagues. Check out the Keltner Field calendar on the Milwaukee County Parks website for availability.

Humboldt Park Baseball Diamond


Humboldt Park has two playgrounds for children to exercise and simply have fun. The main playground is for older children. A second, smaller playground is for children under 5 years of age.


The main lagoon provides a natural center point to Humboldt Park. There are two islands in the lagoon. The lagoon is stocked with fish each year. Fishing licenses are required for adults. The lagoon provides an idyllic spot for ice sketing in the winter. Check out more info about skating here.

Lily Pond

Among the hills of the south-eastern section is a small pond graced by weeping willows and lily pads.


Numerous paths weave throughout the park providing a splendid setting for walks, biking and jogging.

Sledding Hill

During winter months, the sledding hill, located in the north-west section of the park, provides an opportunity for family and friends get outdoors.

Tennis Courts

Four tennis courts are located in the north-east section of the Park.

Wading Pool

During summer months, the wading pool provides children with a place to keep cool and be active. Exact hours and days are made available on the Milwaukee County Parks website.

Help Us Maintain the Park

Have you noticed something that needs taken care of in the park? Wether it’s a pathway light that has gone out, graffiti, or the need for additional trash pick up, please let us know thorugh this form and we will let the Humboldt Park Unit Coordinator know.

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