Bocce Benefit for Humboldt Park Friends

Thank You to all attendees of Avalon Theater’s Bocce Benefit for Humboldt Park Friends. With your support, we raised $1,574! The winning teams are:


1st Place: Club Garibaldi

2nd Place: Pass The Bocce To The Left Hand Side

3rd Place: Deboccery

The most spirited team award goes to Shiny Disco Balls.


Bocce Benefit is made possible by the following generous sponsors. These are businesses and individuals who are committed to Humboldt Park. They care for our community, Humboldt Park Friends and our beautiful park. Please show your support to them and take a moment to say “Thank You!”

Main Event SponsorAvalon Theater

Entertainment Sponsor: Dave Buechel

Beer Tent SponsorsMilwaukee’s Craft Beer GardenEnlightened Brewing Company and Eagle Brewing Company

Campion Court Sponsor: Stag Barbershop

Prime Court Sponsor: Toni Spott Realtor

Court Sponsors: Troubadour Bakery, Lulu Cafe and Bar, Tenuta’s Italian Restaurant, Right Angle Home Inspections, and the Chris Kellenberger Family


The Bocce Benefit is not possible without volunteers; both for planning and day of. To continue the event in 2018, Humboldt Park Friends needs someone to lead the committee. If this interested you, please contact us.

Humboldt Park Friends Bocce Benefit First Place

Bocce Benefit Humboldt Park Second Place

Bocce Benefit in Humboldt Park Third Place

Humboldt Park Bocce Team With Most Spirit